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The University of Winnipeg's Tutoring Centre provides one-to-one and small group tutoring in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Writing. Writing tutoring is provided by the Department of Rhetoric, Writing and Communications. (More information about writing tutoring is available at the Writing Tutoring website).

Math & Science Tutoring is provided by professional and peer tutors.

The popularity of free tutorials means that sessions are usually booked in advance. However, drop-ins are offered when tutors are available.

Math & Science Tutoring focuses primarily on first year courses. The bulk of sessions are booked for the following courses:

Chemistry Introduction to the Chemical Properties of Matter CHEM-1111 (3)

Basic Principles of Chemical Reactivity CHEM-1112 (3)

Organic Chemistry I and II CHEM-2202 (3)
CHEM-2203 (3)

Mathematics Introduction to Calculus MATH-1101 (6)

Introduction to Calculus I and II MATH-1103 (3)
MATH-1104 (3)

Linear Algebra I MATH-1201 (3)

Basic Calculus (Terminal) MATH-1102 (3)

Discrete Math MATH-1401 (3)

Mathematics for Early/Middle Years Teachers I and II MATH-2903 (3)
MATH-2904 (3)

Physics Introduction to Physics PHYS-1301 (6)

Foundations of Physics PHYS-1101 (6)

Statistics Elementary Biological Statistics I and II STAT-1501 (3)
STAT-2001 (3)

Statistical Analysis I and II STAT-1301 (3)
STAT-1302 (3)

Statistics I for Economics, Business & the Social Sciences STAT-1401 (3)

Support for other courses, including some higher-level topics, may be available. Contact the Tutoring Centre for more information.

Tutoring is done out of the Tutoring Centre in room 3G11 (Find us). Sessions may be booked by calling 204 786-9129, or by stopping by the Department of Rhetoric's Computer Writing Lab in room 3G10. The lab is usually open, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. For a list of the policies for booking and cancelling math & science tutoring sessions click here.

Other services provided by the Math & Science Tutoring Centre include:

  • Specific Subject Reviews, such as Curve Sketching for Introduction to Calculus (scheduled throughout the year)
  • Test and Exam Reviews (scheduled in the days leading up to tests or exams)

For the current Review / Drop-In Schedule click here.

All services provided by the Tutoring Centre are FREE to University of Winnipeg students enrolled in the corresponding UofW courses.


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